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Coronavirus and kidney disease

Our coronavirus and kidney disease hub pulls together all our work related to Covid-19.

Get the latest information about Covid-19 kidney research we are funding and how the charity has been affected by the pandemic. Get answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Our work on Covid-19

Find out about our research and work into coronavirus and kidney disease that your generous donations are helping to fund.

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Covid-19 vaccines and kidney disease

Take a look at our Covid-19 vaccine information, find out how vaccines help protect you and read our frequently asked questions.

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What is the risk of Covid-19 for kidney patients?

The latest data provides evidence that even following two vaccines, kidney patients are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid-19 compared to the general population.

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Covid-19 vaccination guide for kidney patients

These guides summarise who is eligible for which vaccination dose/booster, the timeframes the vaccinations should take place and how to book.

Pharmacist preps Covid-19 vaccine

Treatments for adult kidney patients who develop covid-19

An overview of what you might expect to receive as a treatment option for COVID-19. This guide summarises treatment types, when they should be given, who is eligible, what treatment will be most beneficial and how it will be administered.

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Support for healthcare professionals

Our colleagues at the UK Kidney Association have just released new guidance for healthcare professionals looking after clinically extremely vulnerable kidney patients, which we are happy to endorse.

People at work

Staying safe at work

Whilst the public have been told restrictions are ending and it is safe to return to work, the Government has advised that people who are immunosuppressed should work from home if they can. We appreciate this might not be easy so are continuing to support the #SafeAtWork initiative. Share this letter which explains the situation for those at greatest risk with your employer if you are anxious.

Covid-19 news and updates

Hear from other people living with kidney disease along with information on the latest research we're funding.

Your donation is more critical than ever

With your support we can make sure life-saving research continues.

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